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This was one of the best acting experiences I recieved  as a student when i was at the film and television Instiute.

The freedom to explore the principles i was being taught , and the craft of observing oneself minutely to understand the body, are learnings that

 will stay with me forever.

Thank you so much Sonalee Hardikar Ma'am!! 

Shivam Parekh 

Actor/director MUMBAI,India

You  are a person one rarely and  luckily comes across. You  guide, you  share, you are  a guru, who shows many ways, customized ways I would say, to everybody- then asks us the pros n cons, n then tell us to travel on that way n discover!

We discover changes. and  we can pinpoint it in ourselves.
Most teachers dictate, you coax it out of us by asking !!! That's the difference.They say with every actor, the method changes. I so agree because
 with you I discovered my method.

Khushboo Upadhyay

Actor Mumba

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