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14 Classes 50 Pieces

The accompanying images  are from an exhibit mounted by elementary aged kids as a fundraiser for their school.   The kids were very  proud and there was a lot of joy while seeing it ....but the process was big words, to use for explanation, no "adult" inquiry into the purpose of art"... and yet the most bamboozling of questions get thrown at you at the velocity of a projectile,,,

 When we talked of team work , and making themed "serieses" a beautiful five foot long black snake with a golden molting skin appeared....when we watched Turner and Seurat for composition, we get the audaciously matched reds with eggshell blues...when we went  to explore values of single brushstrokes there appeared butterflies, trunks of trees...stars and also palm trees...There were pen holders from fabric scraps and mobiles made of egg-cartons...
But most of all...amidst the messy glue caked,tiny hands,  that were excited about creating "their masterpiece" through it all, there was the tremendous palpable joy of having sharpened our skills as well as created strong pieces of art that speak of each child's individual creativity.

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