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image courtsy:enacte arts inc

play:citra the warrior princjess

direction :ranjita chakraborty

design:sonalee hardikar



Looking for a safe, non competetive and nurturing environment for  honing the creative and artistic skills of your  little genius?

Have you always thought of  letting  your inner child some creative, stress free time but been defeated  by mountains of dead lines and errands?

Do you have an amazingly sensitive kid who just wont make friends because she is so shy ?

Do you have a pressing, funny, poignant, political story to tell but have not found the opportunity or the medium to explore it ?


Then you have come to the right place.

We are a Multi-disciplinary art studio based in Fremont and serving the wider East Bay. For our very first session/semester we have an exciting array of classes lined up for kids as well as adults. We will be offering classes in fine art, photography, theater, creative writing and more.Find more about our methodology here.

Welcome To Satwik Arts

Registration Begins 8th of January 2017

Early Registration is from 8th of January to 30 th of January 2017


Early Registration Discount is $25 

Sibling Discount is $25 

Last day to register is 20 th of Feb or The first day of each class whichever happens first.

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